Arthritis in Cats: More Common Than You Think

Cats are capable of amazing physical feats, thanks to their uniquely flexible spine and agile, lightweight structure. Despite these capabilities, they still can suffer joint deterioration over time, which can lead to pain and dysfunction associated with arthritis. In decades past, arthritis treatment options were limited for cats, and awareness of the disease among pet [...]

Dental Care Creates Healthier, Happier Pets

Similar to people, pets who go a long period without dental care develop plaque and bacterial buildup on their teeth and below the gumline, leading to a deterioration in their overall oral health. Most pets start to show signs of dental disease around age 3, which will progress over time and eventually cause undue pain [...]

7 Essential Pet Winter Safety Tips

We are lucky in our area to have relatively mild winters and little snowfall, but temperatures still can dip below freezing during our coldest months. Cold temperatures, combined with icy conditions and winter chemicals, can be dangerous for pets, especially if you aren’t prepared for a cold snap. The Tender Touch Animal Hospital team has [...]

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